Meet me next weeks!

Hello everyone… if you are in Italy next weeks, come and meet me to talk about AR and VR! You can find me:

  • On January, the 21th, in Milan, Italy at Holo Dev Day event! We of Immotionar will make a little theorical session, with a fast introduction to Unity. The event is cool because it is focused on HoloLens and the audience will be able to try the devices!
  • On February, the 2nd, in Turin, Italy at Sognando La Realtà event (“Dreaming the reality”… it is really a cool name for an event!) organized by local GDG community. There we will make a little workshop where we’ll teach you the basics of Unity and gaze interactions for Cardboard headsets. At the event should be present a Daydream device, so it will be super interesting

Of course in both events we will showcase our full body VR ImmotionRoom solution: so, if you’re near here come and let’s have a chat about virtual reality!


AR/VR developer, startupper, zombie killer. Sometimes I pretend I can blog, but actually I've no idea what I'm doing. I tried to change the world with my startup Immotionar, offering super-awesome full body virtual reality, but now the dream is over. But I've still not waken up...

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