Oculus Tracker Update 1.12 makes Oculus a good guy again

After having criticized Oculus about its tracking issues and how its updates were making things even worse (unless you used Duct Tape, of course… duct tape fixes everything!), today I have to say “Bravo!” to its guys.

The new Update they’ve released for the Rift, the 1.12, seems to have fixed lots of stuff: as you can see from the release notes, a lot of work has been done to make tracking good again. The feedbacks from the users have been really positive and now reddit shows people writing “With 1.12 my room scale works” and so the virtual world is a happier place. Surely there will be people that will still experience errors and problems, but their number has been drastically lowered.

I’m very happy about it, because of three reasons:

  1. The Tracking on the Rift now works and we Rift users are surely happy about this;
  2. People will gain trust in virtual reality (because this mess has surely hurted VR reputation);
  3. Oculus has been forced to open a bit: now we have release notes with more transparency about the issues they’re having on the technical side. This is surely a good news, since means that Oculus is listening to the requests of us users base. After the post of Brendan Iribe on reddit (love that guy) where he kindly said that they were working hard on the issues, things have gone a lot better.

So, Oculus, keep up the great work!



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