Commercial inquiries

The Ghost Howls is a little blog that opened in August 2016 and that since that date has always had a constant increase in traffic. I’m very proud of its little success.

My public is very focused in the sectors of virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming, innovation. You or the company you represent may be interested in reaching my public to offer them your awesome product. If you’re interested in collaborating with me, I’m very open to listen to your proposals.

virtual reality advertisment consultancies development

I can offer various ways of advertising, from featured posts to dedicated banners in the sidebar of this web space. If you want to publish your brand here, contact me via e-mail at commercial AT skarredghost DOT com. We’ll talk in private about all the details.

I’m also a VR developer, startupper, blogger. If you can be interested in any of my expertises (e.g. Unity development, consultancies on VR applications, paid guest posting, etc…), I’ll be very happy to hear from you. The dedicated address for this service is the same of above: commercial AT skarredghost DOT com.

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