If you are in this page, you want to talk with me… great!

If you want to send me links about virtual reality or startups, or videos about pandas playing in China or you just wanna say “Hello”, you can contact me in various ways:

  • Sending an email to tonyvt AT skarredghost DOT com
  • Replying to a blog post
  • Writing a tweet to me, i.e. @skarredghost
  • Connecting with me on Linkedin
  • Chatting with me on reddit
  • Watching and commenting a video of mine on Youtube
  • Saying me something on Google+
  • Writing a question to me on Quora
  • Commenting a post of mine on Medium
  • Poking me on Hacker News

If instead you want to talk with me about advertisement or commercial opportunities, or you want to ask me for an AR/VR consultancy, follow the instructions on this other page.

I look forward to talking with you!

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