About me

Hello VR!

I’m Tony, an Italian guy with great passion for computers and technology.

When I was very little, I started using an old AMSTRAD CPC 464 to play games (and even develop stuff!). Now that I’m a bit older, I’m experimenting with latest trends in virtual reality, like the Oculus Rift. Honestly speaking, I was more talented when I was a baby and just pressed random keys on the PC, but sssh.. this is a secret between me and you: there are people out there that are actually convinced that I can code.

In 2014 I tried for the first time an Oculus DK2: after one minute of usage of Tuscany demo, my stomach said “choose: or me or virtual reality”… and I chose VR. With my buddy Gianni I created a virtual reality startup called Immotionar which wanted to change the way we use virtual reality, adding the full body of the user in the virtual world. This meant having a super immersive and super cool virtual world, but where, seen from the outside, you look like a super idiot.

In this startup I’ve been developer and PR / social media manager. The first role meant that I played with Unity3D (C#) development, employing devices like Kinect, Leap Motion, Oculus Rift and this kind of stuff. The second one meant that I spent hours looking at pandas GIFs on twitter and reddit.

In 2017 sadly Immotionar shut down, but my spirit has remained high and I’m employing my skills in VR development, social media and startup management to offer consultancies… but with the dream of opening a new company 🙂 While I wait for this dream to come true, I’ve helped in starting the New Technology Walkers agency, a society of crazy freelancers that offer consultancies in multimedia technological projects (VR, AR, web, apps, computer vision, etc…). If you need a consultancy, doesn’t hesitate to contact us, I’ll welcome you with a smile! 🙂

Apart from being a workaholic, sometimes I have also a life (strange, isn’t it?) where I hang out with friends, go to the gym, watch sports, study Mandarin Chinese and chase after women.

In this blog I talk about everything that comes to my mind: especially virtual and augmented reality (reviews, news, tutorials), but also startup life and other nice stuff.

Hope that my posts will somehow make your day better! And don’t forget to come and say hello!

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