Top 50 virtual reality websites of 2017

Great guys of TechTyche have made a list of top 50 virtual reality blogs of 2017. Their list is unordered and I guess that they’ve made it like this to not become enemies of anyone making a personal classification :D. I think that their list is very valuable because it is very long and includes a lot of important VR resources. They made a great job in condensing in only one place references to lots of very interesting VR blogs.

First of all it can be useful to you because you can find new websites to read VR news, opinions and tutorials: you can have a look at it and pick VR websites you haven’t heard before. The fact it is unordered is a bit a pity so you don’t get which ones are the most important resources where to find the most valuable infos, but, again, I understand their choice (ok, I’ll be a bit brave, UploadVR should be at first place and RoadToVR at the second one). If you are new to VR, you can scroll the list and discover websites where to start learning about this new amazing technology.

As a startupper, I find their list super-useful, because there you can find a list of 50 websites you can contact to try to have visibility for your product: so, if you have a new VR product, you can try contacting (very kindly… don’t become a spammer!) all these 50 websites, maybe sending them a press release (like this one we made for our full body VR game Hit Motion), to try to have visibility for your super-innovative VR solution. Remember that for us entrepreneurs, marketing is as important as development, so having a list of 50 media/influencers to contact is very important.

Anyway, I have to thank a lot guys of Teyche, because they put me at #37 of this awesome list! I’m in the same list of super-important websites like UploadVR and I’m very proud of it! And they also defined me as “The coolest of VR geeks”… I’m becoming red… I’m honoured! Thaaaaaaank you!

If you want to read the list, follow this link! And don’t remember to continue liking the posts of blogger #37 …

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