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In this page you will find the most important references to me, my blog or my products. Of course I’m writing this list just for vanity. Feel free to read these articles, if you’re curious.


Quotes from me

Some quotes from me have been featured in these articles:

3 Terms and Phrases Developers Use That Every Recruiter Should Know (Stack Overflow Business)
Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting a Business (Istantprint Startups)
Case Study: How 50 Digital Marketers Drive Traffic To Their Websites (Inetsolutions)
The Ultimate Gaming PC Build Guide (TechSavvy)
Game Changing Impact of AR/VR (Flarrio)
Will VR Gaming be Replaced by AR Gaming? (TECHSling)
10 Consejos para Convertirse en un Mejor Programador (ADICTE)
Closing the Deal: 4 Ways to Get Developers to Say “Yes” To Your Job Offer (Stack Overflow Business)
Tech reading list. Week one, September 2017 (Medium)
5 important things to know before you buy a PC (Born2Invest)
The 13 Top Reasons Why Startups Fail (Startups.co)
New Year’s Resolutions for Business: 2018 Edition (Creative Click Media)
AI, Consent, and Revenge Porn: #NowWhat (EcoSalon)
AR 来了!39 个改变生活的新方式,老铁服不服?(CSDN Blog)
32 Valuable Startup Lessons From Successful Entrepreneurs (.Tech)

Guest posts

Full Body Virtual Reality is the Future: How, Why and… (VUDream)
Predicting Trends in AR and VR for 2018 (ISACA Now Blog)


Humans 2.0 Podcast #9 – Antony Vitillo | SkarredGhost, Immotion AR, Startup Fails (Mark Metry of VUDream)
Empowerment Lessons From A Virtual Reality Start-Up (Huffington Post)

The Ghost Howls citations

The Ghost Howls has been featured on:

Top 50 Virtual Reality Websites in 2017 (Techtyche)
Top 50 Virtual Reality Blogs & Websites on the Web (Feedspot)
The Complete Beginner’s Guide to VR Development (VUDream)
Science Fiction No More – Medical Simulation embraces Virtual and Augmented Reality (Engenium Staffing)
The Ultimate Guide for XR Evangelists (Reuben Steiger @ Medium)
XR Web Roundup: 17th October (The Virtual Report .biz)
A Magic Leap of Thanks (Blacksteps)
Top 51+ Virtual Reality (VR) Websites & Blogs of 2018 (VUDream)
HTC: Vive Pro is Targeted at Prosumers and Will Be “more expensive” Than Consumer Vive (Road To VR)
(this article has been and reported in various languages. For instance here you are the translations in Italian and Chinese)
Add to your VR Gaming Experience with the 3dRudder (The Geek Church)
Vive-Manager: Weshalb Vive Focus ohne 3D-Controller kommt (VRODO)
Vive Focus’ Western Launch Hinges on Success in China (Road To VR)
(this news has been translated and reported by various magazines as for instance TechRadar, Android Headlines and Breaking VR and on the website of HTC itself)
8th Wall To Revolutionize Mobile AR Development (Forbes)

Immotionar references

When I was founder of Immotionar, our startup had its little share of visibility.

Our full body VR game Hit Motion got good coverage:

Kinect and Gear VR Combine for Full-Body VR in Hit Motion (VR Focus)
Hit Motion: una VR Full Immersion con marchio italiano (VR Gamer)
“Hit Motion” il vostro corpo in VR (RVO)
Immotionar实现VR全身体验 (跑跑车)
Immotionar实现VR全身体验 (VR China)

I’ve also got interviewed about our full body VR solution ImmotionRoom:

Interview: Antony Vitillo, PR and proud R&D Chief Developer of ImmotionAR Division (Virtual Reality Observer)
Full Body Immersion Experience – Immotionar (Techtyche)
Bringing your whole body into virtual reality with Immotionar (Dev Diner)
ImmotionAR: una realtà italiana per le esperienze immersive (ImmersiveTech)
Let’s Talk: Immotion AR (Quad7Computer)

ImmotionRoom itself got its share of visibility:

The Holodeck (The Holodeck)
ImmotionAR: una realtà italiana per le esperienze immersive (Hololens Italia, now shut down)
Immersive virtual reality in the ImmotionRoom: With Antony Vitillo (Moments in VR)

Winning of a grant for the European Innovation Academy 2016, has made Immotionar cited inside the following online articles (in Italian):

Innovazione: 5 imprese con i coach della Silicon Valley (Lo Spiffero)
3 settimane torinesi dell’#EuropeanInnovationAcademy: 5 aziende in corsa per l’innovazione (Oggi Notizie)
TORINO. Innovazione: 5 imprese con i coach della Silicon Valley (La Voce 12 alle 12)
Ecco le 5 Startup Vincitrici che Parteciperanno all’European Innovation Academy (Smart Week)
Stanza delle emozioni per entrare nel virtuale (La Repubblica .it)

I’ve also been interviewed by a local television (interview in Italian):

RETE 7 TG – INFORMA 7 – 09/05/16 (Retesette)

FaberDay victory has made Immotionar to be cited inside various media (all following articles are in Italian):

Immotion AR (La Stampa)
Faberday premia la creatività (La Stampa)
Scelti i 12 vincitori che il 22 gennario parteciperanno al FaberDay (Quotidiano Piemontese)

Thanks to the Bardonecchia Wonder Light Night event, Immotionar was cited in the local French newspaper Le Dauphiné and on this local news website (in Italian):

Bardonecchia affollata e sotto la prima neve offre a tutti la Wonder Light Night (L’Agenda News)

After WTT 2015 exhibition, Immotionar was cited in the following articles (all in Italian language):

Un Tour al WTT di Torino: la prima edizione della fiera dell’indossabile (HDBlog.it)
WTT – Wearable Tech Torino è la prima fiera in Europa dedicata alle tecnologie wearable (La Stampa)
#WTTorino: Immotion AR elimina le periferiche – Arriva la realtà virtuale a 360 gradi! (Zero Mag)
ImmotionRoom: Realtà Aumentata Multiplatform | WTT (Lupokkio)

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