The ghost has evolved!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new house!

As you can see, everything is changed here:

  • I’m moved to self-hosted, and now I own a fantastic domain;
  • I’ve changed my theme and now I’ve a new modern layout for my home page and my news. Home page now highlights all the most clicked posts, so people can find them easily;
  • There’s a better social integration;
  • I’ve finally added a newsletter, so you can have every new article comfortably inside your inbox;
  • My website finally features DISQUS as commenting system… so more people will be able to comment!
  • I’ve also added some advertisement placeholders. I know, advertisement is evil, but will help me in getting money to keep this site free. I spend a lot of effort in keeping this site, so please let me earn some pizzas from it!

An enormous thank you to Max Ariani, precious as always, that helped me in the migration process and that has chosen (and customized) this awesome theme. And another thank you to Automattic, that with has let me create this blog with a simple click on their platform.

So, let’s all cry a bit remembering the old layout…

old skarredghost virtual reality blog layout
Previous layout of my blog… how many memories…

… and let’s be happy for the new one!

Let me know your opinions about this new The Ghost Howls website! Cheers!

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I tried to change the world with my startup Immotionar, offering super-awesome full body virtual reality, but now the dream is over. But I’ve still not waken up…