VR Killer application is VR itself

Since when virtual reality started this revolution thanks to Palmer Luckey Kickstarter campaign, we all started appreciating how much it is cool because it can trigger us lots of emotions or makes us live amazing adventures.

The problem is that these experiences are all beautiful-enough, but no one makes us say “BAM! This is what VR is really fantastic for!! How could I live without VR until now?”. Furthermore VR adoption is going slower than expected and people start fearing that this technology will never take off. So lots of journalists in the field are saying that we must all wait for the “VR Killer application“. The “Killer application” is that mythical application that will be so useful and so tailored fo VR that the day we’ll try it, everyone in the world will just realize that VR is necessary for us all and everyone will flood the street to go to tech shops and buy a VR headset. Unluckily until that day of VR-shangri-la, we’ll all destined to live in a dry and lonely VR desert.

Some applications have been awarded of the title of “maybe the VR killer application”: Robo Recall and Facebook Spaces are two of them. But it is like with The Yeti or Big Foot sightings: there are no official confirmations of that and in the end we found ourselves again inside our sad VR present without the killer application.

As you’ve maybe understood from the sarcasm of my words, I’ve not a great opinion about this “VR Killer application” stuff. To me seems like we’re just all waiting for a miracle program too perfect to be true. It is unrealistic, or, like investor Bill likes saying


I’m quite tired of this, so I’ve wrote a Medium post about why I think that this story has no sense. I invite you to read it and give me your opinion. The post is written so to create a debate. I think that VR killer application is just VR itself… what’s your opinion instead? Do you think that a VR killer application actually exists? Or you do agree with me? Read the article and let me know!

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