WidmoVR products review: nice accessories for virtual reality

WIDMOvr is a Polish shop of VR accessories: it sells Rift covers, lenses adapters, VR headsets bags and other cool stuff. They sent me a bag with all products they sell on their website to have an honest review from me… and well, I’m here to serve!

Disclaimer: This article will review all the products they’ve sent me, but it doesn’t contain affiliate links, so I won’t earn any money if you buy them. And I haven’t got any money to write this article, as well. I’m still poor. 🙁

Packaging & Shipping

WIDMOvr sent me all their cool gadgets inside a very rough box. I didn’t care about this… when the delivery guy brought this I was just happy to try some cool VR gadgets!

WIDMOvr VR accessories review
An enormous package with lots of gifts inside…

I thought that inside it there were a lot of little packages with the products, but WIDMOvr surprised me packaging everything inside a VR bag protected by a plastic bag (a bag-ception).

WIDMOvr VR accessories review
And this is the package content: a bag

Removing the protection, I could see the bag and feel all the content inside it. The bag had one of the WIDMOvr avatars onto it. Pretty nice and futuristic.

WIDMOvr VR accessories review
This WIDMOvr character is pretty cool…

Inside the bag, there were some cool VR accessories and a piece of paper explaining to me what they had sent me: basically they sent me all the products they sell on their website + an experimental product. Wooow!

WIDMOvr VR accessories review
A nice letter with which WIDMOvr presents its content to me

Some words about the packaging: the outside package was very rough, but all the content inside was in a perfect state and was put in a very tidy manner. A lot of air balloons were present inside the parcel to protect the precious VR products.

WIDMOvr VR accessories review
May not be VR, but these are pretty fun, especially if you make them explode during the night…

Shipping times have been good: some days to send a big package from Poland to Italy… not bad.

WIDMOvr T-shirt

The first product I wanted to try was WIDMOvr T-shirt. So I opened the bag and grabbed it.

WIDMOvr VR t-shirt review
The T-shirt inside the plastic bag

Even the T-shirt was protected by a plastic bag, so I had to free it, to be able to try it.

WIDMOvr VR t-shirt review
T-shirt, free of the bag

As you can see, there’s a WIDMOvr avatar also on this product. I like this image since it is very technological: to me seems like a man in a Matrix era that is immersed in some kind of liquid and lives completely in a virtual world. He’s half human and half robot… he lives in the metaverse. Ok, maybe I’m dreaming too much… anyway, a nice fact about T-shirts is that male ones have a male avatar, while female ones have a female avatar.

WIDMOvr VR t-shirt review
WIDMOvr tag front

T-shirt, as all other products, has a clear WIDMOvr tag. The rear part of the tag is very nice and shows some happy VR faces with the writing “thanks & enjoy”. I love it since this is the right attitude of VR… we should all enjoy the awesome times we’re in that let us live amazing adventures in a virtual world (like Robo Recall).

WIDMOvr VR t-shirt review
WIDMOvr tag rear… very cool! Notice the sad guy that becomes happy after he has tried VR!

The problem of the T-shirt is that they didn’t ask me my size, so they send me an XL shirt to play safe. Nice conservative choice, but wearing it I seem like those obese people that lose a lot of weight thanks to gastric bypass in “my 600-lb life” TV program.

If you know this man, you know the program I’m talking about…(Image by Starcasm.net)

But that’s ok, I wore proudly the T-shirt anyway…

WidmoVR VR t-shirt review
Me making a very intelligent face while wearing WidmoVR T-shirt

I liked the T-shirt: WIDMOvr writing is very little, so the only thing that people notice while you wear it is that you have on you some kind of cybernetic character and this is cool if you’re going to some tech events, reunions and such. You immediately make people understand that you’re a VR badass and that they don’t have to mess with you 🙂

Still not used it outside the techie world, so can’t say you if it can’t help you in being successful with girls (or guys). But it’s on my to-do list.

If you’re interested, this is the link to buy it for $20.

VR Bag

The outside bag that you’ve seen above is not something that WIDMOvr gives as a package for every purchase you make, but it is a product on its own. The bag features again the cool avatar, but its greenish color is not in line with my tastes… I would have preferred something black.

The bag seems resistant and the fact that has padding on all sides makes it a safe bag if you want to carry your headset: even if it accidentally bumps onto some furniture, the content inside stays safe. The bag interior is divided into two parts: into one side, you put the headset and into the other one, you put the controllers. An additional pocket makes it possible to also carry some accessories. The aperture is made with a double zip mechanism, so you have a wide space through which inserting the headset into the bag.

WIDMOvr VR bag review
The VR bag, with my Rift inside it. Notice the two zips that open a whole slice of the bag to let you insert easily the device

The belt is well made and makes the bag quite comfortable.

WIDMOvr VR bag review
An incredibly handsome man wearing the VR bag with his Oculus Rift inside

The real problem of the bag: it is not optimal to carry all the Rift setup. It’s good if you want to carry the Rift and Touch controllers, but it has not be designed to contain the Constellation cameras as well. This is, in my opinion, the biggest flaw of this product, that apart from that is a very valid one.

I managed to put all the VR setup inside the bag, but I made an incredible mess inside that, so I don’t know if I advise you to follow my steps…

WIDMOvr VR bag review
If you put inside the bag all the VR stuff, well, it becomes a mess…

If they’ll make an improved version with a better color and a third section inside the bag to hold the constellation sensor, I would really use it every time I have to move my Rift, for example for a demo or an exhibition.

This article is still not available on WIDMOvr website.

UPDATE: WIDMOvr has told me that the bag is still in development, so the version that will be released may offer a better solution to insert the Oculus sensors.

Touch Controllers Bag

A fabric case where to put your Touch when you do not use them or when you want to carry them with you. It is colored the same way (that I don’t like) of the bag and printed on it there is the WIDMOvr female avatar, a nerdy futuristic girl that is in the metaverse with its male counterpart.

WIDMOvr VR Touch bag review
Touch controller bag and its female avatar

This bag is divided into two parts… one for each Touch controller.

WIDMOvr VR Touch bag review
Touch controllers are ready to enter their new home

So you basically take your controllers and put them inside the bag, then you pull the string to have your Touch inside this place where they’re safe from dust.

WIDMOvr VR Touch bag review
Touch controllers inside their bag

Honestly, this is the gadget I loved the less: the bag has no handle and no stuffing, so it is not convenient to carry the Touch around. And to save them from the dust I can just put them everywhere, even in a cardboard box, or in a drawer. Honestly, I don’t see an advantage of having them inside a dedicated bag. Maybe only in some traveling contexts. I see it as a niche product for some limited uses.

If these limited uses are your case, you can spend $16 and have it.

Oculus sensor covers

Along with the above products, there were some little accessories that WIDMOvr guys have put inside a nice white box.

WIDMOvr VR review
The white box full of VR accessories. Notice the female avatar onto it

Among these accessories, there were two prototypes Rift sensor covers.

WIDMOvr VR Rift sensor cover review
These little guys seemed contact lenses cases to me…

These were just two prototypes, in fact they looked like 3D printed stuff and overall quality was very poor. But that’s ok, they’re testing their product idea.

When I read that they sent me two covers for the constellation sensors, my reaction has been

Rift cover sensors
(Image by Know your Meme)

After having read that their purpose is to avoid hacker entering my PC and hacking my Oculus cameras to look inside my room, everything has been clearer and I’ve changed my mind to

I’ve already expressed my opinion about Oculus cameras being hackable cameras … Oculus cameras are very very hard to hack from remote; furthermore being so few the VR users at the moment, hackers are not that interested in cracking VR systems, so at the moment the risk is very low.

But I’ve seen lots of people putting band-aids on their webcams, so I guess that in the future things like that can have their own market.

They’re very easy to be applied to Oculus cameras thanks to a ring where you put the camera into. A lid on the covers can be then used to cover the cameras completely so that sneaky dirty crackers can’t see you while you watch VR Porn movies.

WIDMOvr VR Rift sensor cover review
Rift camera with the cover on. The lid is open, so every hacker can look at me while I’m watching VR porn
WIDMOvr VR Rift sensor cover review
Rift camera with the cover on. The lid is closed, so I’m super-safe now

Apart from protecting from crackers, this covers could be useful while transporting the sensors, to avoid scratches. Or to avoid dust on the cameras if sensors are not used for a long time. I still don’t find it a must-have, though.

Rift Prescription Lens Adapter

This is, in my opinion, one of the coolest gadgets of WidmoVR. It lets people with eye problems use VR in an optimal way.

VR headsets have not been designed to be used with glasses inside, so people with glasses have to wear contact lenses while using a HMD or keep their glasses on… but this is uncomfortable and often ruins also the graphical quality of the experience, that results more blurred.

WIDMOvr has tried to solve this problem with this lens adapter: basically it is a glass designed for VR. You can tell all data about your eyes to WIDMOvr and they’ll produce special glass lenses for you. Then they put these lenses inside this adapter to obtain a special glass for VR that they can send to you. I have not eye problems, so they just made two lenses with 0-correction (they call these ones “Plano lenses”).

These Plano lenses came already installed into the adapter. They were stored inside a very elegant black little bag

WIDMOvr VR glass lenses review
Look how marvelous is the packaging

Inside it, super protected to keep the glass safe, there were the Plano lenses with the adapter glasses

WIDMOvr VR glass lenses review
Plano lenses inside their VR adapter

Ok, but how to use this special glass while playing with the headset?

WIDMOvr VR glass lenses review
No, this is not the right way. I just look like an idiot this way…

Inside the box, there were some instructions…

WIDMOvr VR glass lenses review
Lenses adapter assembly instructions

…but my advice is to watch the video that is on WIDMOvr website because this way you have a clear idea on how to do that.

To mount everything, you’ll have to disassemble a piece of your precious HMD, but this is the only way to make sure that the lenses stay still inside the headset. The assembly procedure is very straightforward and just requires a minute or such… the real deal is removing the headset faceplate while you think “please, don’t break… please, don’t break…”.

WIDMOvr VR glass lenses review
Voilà, lenses are installed!

The advice here is to not put your fingers on these lenses, otherwise you’ll have these dirty lenses installed on your Rift and cleaning them after the assembly could be hard.

WIDMOvr VR glass lenses review
The Rift along with the faceplate with the lenses installed. They’re ready to be assembled

I’ve tried the lenses inside the headset: their glass do not alter the graphical quality of the images and FOV seems not to be reduced. The only side effect is that the headset becomes a little more uncomfortable around the nose and the eyes. But, as my friend Max has stated, it is 1000 times better than wearing glasses while playing with the Rift. So, glass owners approve it for sure.

Non-glass owners like me can find them useful to protect original lenses especially during exhibitions, where an extended usage with continuous cleaning to guarantee people hygiene could ruin the lens. I imagine that something like that could be great for AR glasses, too.

Cool product. You can buy for $65 at this page, where you have to specify all optic data about your eyes.

Oculus Rift Cover

This is a washable fabric cover for the Oculus Rift, that you put on the Rift foam to protect it from dirt and sweat (especially sweat) and that you can remove and wash whenever you want.

WIDMOvr VR cover review
WIDMOvr cover…

To install the cover you have to follow a procedure similar to the one of the lens adapter and remove the Oculus faceplate. Again, my suggestion is having a look at the video tutorial on WIDMOvr website.

This is a very easy procedure, too. In a very short time, you’ll be able to install it onto your faceplate

WIDMOvr VR cover review
WIDMOvr installed onto Rift faceplate

and then have it onto your Rift, ready to be used in exhibitions!

WIDMOvr VR cover review
Rift is now protected by a WIDMOvr cover!

The cover is very well made and installation went fine. When we bought first VR covers for the Oculus Rift from a competitor, we were disappointed by how easily slipped off the faceplate, while this is very firm. Liked it.

There are two little issues about it:

  • There isn’t a waterproof cover, that would be useful to use sanitizing wipes between different usages of the device;
  • If you put the cover and the lens adapter together, it’s hard to put the faceplate again into the Rift, so you have to choose if using one or the other;
WIDMOvr VR cover review
An attempt to install both the lenses and the cover… seemed to work, but in the end, the faceplate didn’t fit the Rift anymore

UPDATE: WIDMOvr guys told me that the reason why I didn’t manage to use the two gadgets together is because the cover seems not installed in the perfect way. Furthermore they added that a waterproof version may come in the future (cool!)

Again, if you like it, you can get it for $20 at this page.

And that’s it with WIDMOvr products!

WIDMOvr VR cover review
Max Ariani being very sexy while showcasing my Rift with the cover. I really thank him for the help he gave me in making the photos

My final judgment is that this is a store of interesting VR accessories. Cover and prescription lenses+adapter are the product that satisfied me the most. The bag needs some little improvements, but it is a good idea. The t-shirt is nice. Touch Bag and Sensor covers are not a product for me.

I’m happy to have been able to review this product and I really thank WIDMOvr for this opportunity. I also wish them to keep up with their great work and to continue improving their interesting products!

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    Caring the headset is fundamental… during exhibitions come people of every kind… and some of them don’t wash that much and I’m… bleah 😀

    P.S. Amazon affiliate?

    • August 6, 2017 at 12:09 am

      Oh donno, my VR Cover fits just perfect with the Vive, haven’t tried the one for CV1 though. Yeah, in almost every VR exhibition video I had seen that another well used accessory are the disposable VR masks (thin foam masks that ties to the head). Haven’t tried them but I guess they are quite useful.

      Haha not an Amazon affiliate but in my country it’s a bit difficult to buy online stuff outside the local -and tiny- market (way lot of custom restrictions and stuff) and I’ve barely had a problem with an Amazon purchases, so that’s just why 🙂


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