The Most Anticipated VR Games That Are Still On The Way In 2017

Today I host on this platform a guest post: Jo-Ann from LaptopNinja (a tech news and product comparison network of sites) proposed me to write a post about VR gaming and I said myself “Why not? If I can write on this blog, anyone can do it! Surely they can’t do a worse job than me!”. In fact, she and the Laptop Ninja team wrote a very interesting article about some games that all VR enthusiasts are waiting for the upcoming times. Are you interested in this topic? Then, keep on reading!

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017
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We’re nearing the end of 2017 and, looking back, it is safe to say that virtual reality gamers have had a pretty fun-packed year. From thrilling space adventures in Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Echo Arena to bone-rattling horror in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, 2017 has been bountiful for the rapidly expanding VR gaming community. And then there’s Doom, Skyrim and Fallout 4, which have all been re-released with VR support.

That said, there are still several games that are yet to come out, despite having kept fans at the edge of their seats the entire year. And although some are looking to capitalize on the impending holiday shopping rush, others are yet to have a definite release date. Regardless, these highly anticipated VR titles can’t come soon enough.

1. Bravo Team VR (PlayStation VR)

Release Date – March 7, 2018

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017

Bravo Team caused quite a stir among fans of tactical first-person shooter games when it was announced at E3 2017. However, the demo that followed the announcement didn’t live up to the hype. Acknowledging the need for some polishing, Supermassive Games has now pulled the full version of the game off the list of holiday releases.

Nevertheless, PlayStation VR owners are still hopeful that the game will deliver its promise of an enthralling, action-packed multiplayer experience. Bravo Team will emphasize more on cooperation among gamers than a guns-blazing approach. Also, players will be able to use the PSVR’s Aim controller, which will make the game even more immersive.

2. The Inpatient (PlayStation VR)

Release Date – January 24, 2018

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017

The Inpatient was set to come out this year, along with Bravo Team, but Supermassive Games has also postponed its release to 2018. Fortunately, the news has done little to undermine excitement among Until Dawn fans.

Focusing strongly on immersive survival-horror, the game will confine you to the creepy Blackwood Sanatorium, 60 years before it became the abandoned ruin in the previous game, where you’ll get some answers to the mysteries in Until Dawn, and hopefully escape with your life.

3. Brass Tactics (Oculus Rift)

Release Date – February 22, 2018

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017

Hidden Path Entertainment teased Brass Tactics at GDC 2017 earlier this year, immediately sparking remarks that it would be the RTS virtual reality game of the year. Sadly, however, although the game was initially slated for release in October, eager fans will have to wait until 2018 to play it.

Brass Tactics is a multiplayer strategy game that combines the familiar Age of Empires gameplay with the iconic visual style of the Game of Thrones’ opening sequence – where buildings grow out of the ground – to deliver a unique and captivating RTS experience. And thanks to VR, you will get to direct your units and use weapons with your own two hands!

4. Payday 2 VR (HTC Vive)

Release Date – 2018

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017

Gamers that fell in love with 2013’s Payday 2 were delighted when they caught wind of news regarding an upcoming VR mode of the game. But, while many expected it to hit the stores before the end of 2017, Payday 2 VR won’t come out until next year.

On the bright side, Overkill Studios has released a Beta version of the game, which is free for Payday 2 owners and HTC Vive users. In addition to offering all of the original’s content in VR, Payday 2 VR will feature crossplay, allowing both VR and non-VR players to play together in multiplayer.

5. Moss (PlayStation VR)

Release Date – February 2018

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017

Polyarc had initially said it would release its highly anticipated platformer, Moss, by the end of the year. But considering the overwhelmingly positive reception the game received on its first public outing, it’s plausible that the team decided to spend more time making sure it is ready to match the high expectations.

In Moss, you get to control a cute little mouse named Quill, guiding her through forests, caves, and ruins while discovering ancient artifacts, running from mysterious creatures and solving puzzles as you go. While the demo gives away little about the narrative, it’s likely that Polyarc has carved up a lengthy and compelling adventure.

6. Beat Saber (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality)

Release date – Early 2018

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017

Showcased by indie game developer Hyperbolic Magnetism at Unite Europe in Amsterdam, Beat Saber will join the likes of Trials on Tatooine and Robo Recall as the newest virtual reality game that touches on the realm of Star Wars. Unlike the two titles. however, Beat Saber employs mixed reality for an even more immersive experience.

While you’ll primarily be slicing through a flurry of targets with a lightsaber, the game will require a bit of strategy, depending on the color of your saber and the direction of your targets. Plus, the music has been developed by a member of the team that worked on the Star Wars soundtrack, so you’ll probably feel like Obi-Wan Kenobi while playing.

7. Star Child (PlayStation VR)

Release Date – TBC, 2018

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017

Star Child is the latest title from the developers of Oculus Rift’s Lucky’s Tale. If you’re expecting another cutesy platformer, however, prepare to be thoroughly surprised.

According to The PlayStation Blog, the cinematic platforming adventure is set on an alien world and follows Spectra as she journeys to find victory against a mysterious, life-threatening force while discovering her inner self along the way.

Star Child’s compelling trailers have built up considerable hype among Sci-Fi fans. The game is yet to receive an affirmative release date, but with 2017 almost at an end, you probably won’t get to play it until next year.

8. ARK Park (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, PlayStation VR)

Release Date – December 2017

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017

As one of the few virtual reality titles that are poised to launch this holiday season, ARK Park promises a Jurassic Park VR experience that will end the year with a bang. The demo was made available to HTC Vive users earlier this year, and its well-rendered dinosaurs and striking scenery were enough to wow every gamer that signed up for the ride.

ARK Park will focus on scientific explorations to collect crafting blueprints and maps, and battles against rampaging dinos. You’ll also be able to raise your dinosaur pets, which you can ride and take into battle when they mature.

9. Golem (PlayStation VR)

Release Date – 2018

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017

Highwire Games’ Golem was first announced in December 2015, but after building up chatter for a while, it eventually fell off the radar. That was until earlier this summer, when a musical prequel was released, renewing hope that the game is still on the way. Now, Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 exclusive will hit the shelves in 2018.

Golem will use a single PS Move controller to allow players to navigate the world, control stone creatures and take part in spectacular battles. The musical prequel isn’t the game’s soundtrack, but a piece designed to introduce players to the themes of the game. Still, the music is beautifully put together, and you can probably expect a similarly moving experience from the game itself.

10. Half Life 2 VR (TBC)

Release Date – TBC

most ancipated virtual reality games 2017

A VR mode of one of the most iconic games of all time has been “coming soon” since 2013, but things finally started to look up in May when the Steam Community greenlit the project. However, although the teasers that followed led some to believe that Half-Life 2 will return this year, no dates have been mentioned yet. Nevertheless, Steam’s Greenlight page says it should happen “soon.”

Half-Life 2 VR will have full motion input support, a made-for-VR interface, remastered visuals and weapon interaction, among other cool features. The mod will be released for free to owners of the original game.


2017 has been quite the year for virtual reality gaming. Some of the best-selling and most acclaimed games have been VR titles, and even releases from indie developers have contributed significantly in propelling the technology to new heights.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly a good time to own a VR gaming setup. And if the upcoming games above can tell us anything, it’s that things will get even better in the near future.

I sincerely thank LaptopNinja for this contribution to my website (as a disclaimer: I got no money for this… unluckily!) and I invite you to comment here below saying what is the VR game that you can’t wait playing!

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