Feedspot best 50 virtual reality blogs… I’m in!!

After being contacted by TechTyche for a similar reason some days ago, today I’ve received an email from Feedspot, saying that I’ve been selected in their list of 50 best virtual reality blogs! Wow, so happy about that! Thanks Feedspot!

I looked in there and I’ve seen that I’m after all big players like UploadVR, RoadToVR, VRFocus… and all big influencers like Helen Situ: I’m at 28th place! I’m very proud of it and I thank all of you, my dear readers, for having made this possible! Thanks for your love and everything… seems it’s time for me to say that speech for the Academy Awards that I’ve tried in my bathroom so many times…

Anyway, you can read the full list of best blogs at this link. As I’ve said about TechTyche one, this list can be valuable to you all to get which are the most important sources of information about virtual reality and which are the influencers you can contact to spread the word about some kind of innovation that you have taken to the VR world (a game, a device, a full body VR platform…). So keep the link in your bookmarks, it can be super-useful to you.

I’ve just a final consideration: if I’m in the best 50 VR blogs of the world, this means that virtual reality blogosphere is really in a bad moment… 🙂 🙂 🙂


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