The summer of the Ghost

Hello all!

Some months ago I made the blog to evolve from a free blog to a more professional one: I’ve changed my logo, my layout and started with a brand new newsletter service (and some advertisement). But the evolution is still not completed.

First of all, for this summer I want to try a new service for all the newsletter subscribers: every weekend I’ll send them (you… I hope you’ve subscribed!) a list of some selected articles for that VR week. Surely this summer you’ll be sunbathing on some Caribbean beach and you surely don’t want to spend your time looking at VR blogs and communities all day… but at the same time you don’t want to detach completely from virtual reality and lose some important news that could amaze you. With my weekly service, you have just to look at your email at the end of the week and read the most interesting news that I’ve selected for you to keep informed. I think I’ll just send you few article links (1-10 articles), so you don’t spend too much time reading about VR and you can have fun on the beach for most of the time.

This service will also let me share with you some interesting VR news for which I don’t write a post on my blog because I’ve not the time or because I don’t know what I could add to the original source. With this weekly newsletter, I can share with you all these news worth reading!

This is a test for this summer… after that you’ll tell me if you’re interested in this service or not, so I can decide if continuing with it or not.

beach vr
At sunset, you can read my newsletter e-mail!

Apart from this newsletter service, I’m also thinking about making some experiments with affiliations, videos and manuals… and I’m also preparing a secret project… so keep an ear out, because some new amazing stuff is coming!

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to my newsletter using the widget on the right and get all of this!!

In any case, if you subscribe or not (but I hope yes), I wish you a happy summer and fantastic vacations 🙂

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