Happy Holidays 2017!

It has come that time of the year… the one when I’m going to celebrate Christmas by eating a lot of foods, having a lot of toasts and buying a lot of gifts (ah, if you don’t know what gifts to buy, check out my guide on AR/VR gifts!). Then will come the New Year’s Eve, for which I’m going to eat and have toasts. Then there is the Epiphany, that we celebrate by eating sweets. Actually, I’ve already begun eating and drinking and I think that with all these celebrations, I’m going to become drunk and fat :D. But it’s great having a time where everyone wants to relax and be happy with the people he/she cares the more about.

The year is over and it’s time to take stock of things: how has gone your year? I hope it has been fantabulous! Mine has been… a rollercoaster of emotions. I had:

What a crazy year. Hope that next year I’ll relax mo… naaaaah relaxing is so boring! I hope it will be even crazier! Next year Magic Leap should be released, so 2018 is going to be the year when everything can happen!

And I really wish to you that whatever you want for next year, it could be fulfilled; and that whatever these winter holidays mean to you (maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas; maybe you don’t celebrate the end of the year; etc…), you and the people that you love can be really happy together! And that we all together, next year, could help Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to skyrocket!

virtual reality christmas
Wish you a lot of winter happiness!

Have some wonderful holidays! I wish you the best.

(Header image made using my super Photoshop skills)

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