Top 50 Virtual Reality websites of 2018

In my last posts, I’ve talked you about my predictions for this 2018 in augmented reality and in virtual reality. Today I want to talk about the best VR websites of 2018.

Why knowing the top VR websites is so important? Well, it may have mainly two uses:

  1. If you’re just an enthusiast, you can use these resources to keep yourself updated about the news of the VR ecosystem and so, for instance, be the first to know when the Oculus CV2 will be released. In this case, you just need to select 3-4 places from the list, that is the ones that you love the most, to keep yourself informed and maybe to get in touch with other enthusiasts like you and chat a bit;
  2. If you’re a developer or a professional, you can contact these platforms to make them talk about your product, giving you visibility. This basically means that if you need to perform a marketing campaign, you have to know which are the platforms or the communities you have to target to have the maximum visibility among people that have interest in VR. In this case, you have to scroll all the list and contact every website owner and ask him/her to publish a news about your product and you have also go to every community to publish a news yourself.

I myself use VR websites in both ways: every day I use them as in case 1, while when I have just released a product, I go for case 2. I know how much these lists are important and that’s why in 2017 I already published two posts about this topic, one using data from TechTyche and another one using data from Feedspot.

top 50 virtual reality blogs
The badge that Feedspot has awarded me for being in its top-50 classification (Image by Feedspot)

This is why this year I want to write another post on the topic. First of all, I want to point to you again to the top-50 VR websites classification made by Feedspot, because it has a big variety of different kinds of websites (blog, magazines, communities) and has even more than 50 websites. It is not perfect (for instance some entries seem not updated since a while), but it is a very good list nonetheless.

In its first 5 places we find:

  1. Road To VR
  2. Upload VR
  3. VRScout
  4. VRFocus
  5. Virtual Reality Reporter

I can say that I expected to find these magazines since they’re the most popular ones in the VR ecosystem. Especially Road To VR and Upload VR are the superstars of the VR magazines, the ones that we all VR innovators read every day. If you want to know all the other names, I suggest that you read the list of all the most important VR websites, along with a little description and a count of their fans, directly on Feedspot website. I’m very proud to say that I’m at position 26, so I have a +2 above the previous year ranking! Wow!

Virtual Reality top 50 influencers
Cover of the market analysis conducted by influencer marketing agency Onalytica (Image by Onalytica)

Another way to find the top 50 VR magazines is by using the report of Onalytica, the company that at the end of 2017 has identified the top 50 virtual reality influencers, brands, and publications. In its classification, this agency has evaluated the various magazines according to a proprietary “influencer score”, so this ranking shows you which brands are able to influence the various VR consumers the most. If you’re in the above-described case 2, this classification can interest you really a lot.

In the first 6 places of this chart of top VR magazines we find:

  1. Upload VR
  2. VRFocus
  3. TechCrunch
  4. Forbes
  5. Road To VR
  6. VR Scout

If we consider that number 3 and 4 are not VR-oriented websites, we obtain exactly the same 4 names as above, only in a different order. Again, if you want to know the full rankings, follow this link and read it directly on Onalytica website, since there you can also find other very interesting data. The Ghost Howls is not in this chart because I’ve been counted as a person and not as a publication: I’m in the influencers’ chart at #34 place (Wow!). Remember that if you have to do marketing, knowing also the influencers you can contact is of paramount importance.

VR influencer marketing words cloud
Word cloud relative to VR tweets (Image by Onalytica)

I have to say that at the time of writing there are some VR websites of increasing importance that are missing in both charts, so I’m going to add them here so that you can get to know them (even if technically they’re competitors of mine!):

If you’re asking for a personal classification of mine, I don’t have one that includes 50 names! I don’t have the time to follow actively 50 websites so to make a reliable first-hand VR websites classification. I’ve already told you my favorite sources of information, so if you want a top 6 of mine, I’d tell you:

  1. Road To VR
  2. Upload VR
  3. Reddit VR communities (/r/virtualreality, /r/oculus and /r/vive)
  4. VIRTUAL REALITY Facebook community
  5. VRFocus
  6. VRScout

I hope to have given you enough data about the top virtual reality websites we’re going to have this year. Of course, since in 2018 VR will make a lot of steps forward, for sure new websites of this kind will pop up, so keep an eye open by going to communities to discover new interesting magazines that you may like.

I really hope that The Ghost Howls will climb all the above charts and I’m sure that with your help this will be possible. Thank you all for making me always appear in these classifications because of your love! You’re amazing 🙂

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